CableMod 12VHPWR Angled Adapter

CableMod to the Rescue

Achieve cable management nirvana with CableMod 12VHPWR Angled Adapters These low profile adapters plug into your graphic card’s 16-pin 12VHPWR port, and enables the power cable to be plugged in at either 90 degree or 180 degree angles. Featuring a multi-PCB design and a sleek profile, this adapter helps increase clearance between the GPU and the side panel – perfect for today’s super wide GPUs.

Slim Profile

Once plugged in, our 12VHPWR 90 Degree Adapter measures less than 23mm from the connector to the outer shell, which means increased space and more clearance between your GPU and your side panel. For even tighter spaces, our 180 Degree achieves a thin 16mm. This enables installation of super wide cards in more narrow chassis.

Slim Profile

Zero Bending

Unlike other angled cable connectors, our adapters utilize a multi-PCB design to achieve an angled connection. No wire bending ensures full contact with all cable terminals, and zero risk of thermal issues through excessive wire and terminal stress from tight bending radii.

Zero Bending

Two Configurations

Both the 90 Degree and 180 Degree Adapters come in two different connector orientations, ensuring there's a solution for graphics cards no matter which 12VHPWR power port orientation they have.

Two Configurations

Awesome Styling

No matter which configuration you choose, this 12VHPWR Adapter looks great with its sleek styling and unobtrusive design.

Awesome Styling

From all of us here at CableMod, thank you so very much for your unyielding support! We are truly humbled by the amount of interest in our 12VHPWR adapters, and we have the hardware community to thank for that.

The entire team has been working around the clock to help bring these to the market. While we are prepared to start taking pre-orders today, we think it would be better at this time to first confirm compatibilities with more graphics cards on the market.

We feel this is the right thing to do at this time in order to avoid customers buying something that won’t fit with their hardware setup. To do this, we are in touch with most major AIB partners to receive their various engineering files to help confirm which cards will work with our adapters. Below, you’ll see the models that we have confirmed so far.

To help our production team, we are opening reserve lists for each of the four models we are going to be releasing. Below, you can find a spot to enter your email and save your place in line for each model. Once the adapters are available for sale, we will notify you via email with a purchase link that will only work for those who have registered in advance. After 48 hours, these sales pages will then be available to the general public.

At the current point in development, we estimate that our adapters will be shipping in roughly 4-6 weeks, and we will do everything we can so that everyone that registered in advance and paid for their order will have their orders shipped before stock is released for everyone else. By signing up for the model you want, we can work to make adequate quantities of each model.

Please note that signing up now will guarantee you will be notified in advance of the public sale, but it does NOT guarantee that the adapter you’ve chosen will be in stock when you go to buy one. Having said that, we are going to keep manufacturing these, and will continuously replenish stock.

We know that the 4-6 week shipping estimate may be a bit of a bummer for some, but we want to make sure that we have a decent quantity ready at launch so that we don’t just run out right away and have to turn people away disappointed.

Production of the various parts has already begun, and we are going to be releasing more news as major development milestones are achieved. More product releases to help 12VHPWR users are also coming over the next few weeks, so be sure to sign up and keep your eye on this space.

Once again, thank you for your patience as we work to help deliver the best product possible. Thanks for being a CableMod customer!

NOTE: We are still in communication with other AIB partners about compatibility. New GPU models will be added once more information arrives.

Presale Signup

Please let us know which adapter variant you’re interested in, and signup with your email address. Make sure to check your inbox after to confirm your signup, please also check your Spam folder. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 1 hour, please try again to signup using the form below. You won’t be locked into your choice at all, and you’ll be able to change it later during the order process.


Compatibility Test

Wondering if our angled adapters are right for your setup? We’ve prepared some 3D models of each one to help you find out.

You can import these into a 3D program or print them out via 3D printer. With a sample in hand, you can more easily find out of our adapters will fit.

In fact, we need your help! It would be very much appreciated if you could fill in the form linked below and let us know the results of your test. Once we have enough responses, we will share your findings with the community.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Go to the 12VHPWR Angled Adapter Compatibility Report Form


To the hardware community,

After what has been the biggest launch in our history, we want to first thank everyone who is supporting us and taking the time to give their feedback on our latest release.

The launch didn’t go as smoothly as planned, and we fully acknowledge that certain things could have been done better. We hope to avoid this sort of thing happening in the future, but as we found out about the various issues happening at the same time as everyone else, we got all hands on deck to help develop a nice solution for the community. Thanks to everyone for sticking by us as we try our best to deliver the very best product we can. 

Since the launch, we’ve had several questions come up regarding the product and the launch in general. So, we wanted to take the time now to address some common queries that we’ve received.

Why aren't the adapters available for sale yet?

Our original plan was to have all models available for sale. However, we were still waiting for several 3D models of various GPUs to come in to confirm compatibility. We didn’t want a situation where people put their money down on something, only to realize later that it didn’t fit with their hardware.

To avoid this, we decided to instead clearly state how each of the models worked, how they differed, and offer a more fleshed out compatibility list so that people would make the right choice and not be disappointed. Sadly, this took longer than expected, and new data came in literally one hour before launch. This delayed the actual launch as we were making last minute changes so customers would not be confused over which version to get.

As more information comes in, we will update the compatibility lists as quickly as possible.

I don't see my graphics card listed. Will your adapters work?

If you don’t see your card listed, it doesn’t mean that the adapters won’t work. We are in contact with major AIB partners to receive models of their GPUs. Once we have confirmed compatibilities, we will update the page as soon as possible.

Are there any graphics cards that are confirmed not to work?

So far, we have confirmed that the following model won’t work with any of our variants:


We will update this list as more information arrives.

Why not just open the sale for confirmed models? Why wait for more models to arrive?

The reason was to keep things as fair as possible.

We know everyone is hoping to receive their adapters as soon as possible, but we didn’t want those who haven’t yet received confirmation about compatibility to be left out in the cold. If they take a chance, buy a variant, and then discover it doesn’t work, then it would be a bunch of disappointed customers and an overworked customer service team as we would then need to work on returns/refunds/etc.

In the end, having the sign ups done in this way not only lets the customer change their mind if new information is released, but also gives us a better indication of which models will be more popular, and thus, allows us to make enough of each one to satisfy demand. It’s not ideal, but we felt that having people put money down without adequate information would have been much worse.

How come there isn't any pricing listed? Are there different pricings for different variants?

We don’t have confirmed pricing yet as we are still in talks with component vendors. We are also looking to gauge the overall demand as this will also affect pricing. As soon as we have confirmed pricing, we will notify everyone.

Regarding the different variants, they should all have the same pricing.

What does “cooler side” and “backplate side” refer to?

Here we are describing which direction the cable will end up being once the adapter is installed into your graphics card.

Cooler side means that the cable points towards the GPU cooler.

Backplate side means that the cable runs along the GPU backplate.

Am I locked into the variant I signed up for? Can I change my mind at purchase?

You are not locked in to your selection during signup, and can buy whichever variant you would like once they are available for purchase.

I didn't get an email confirmation after signing up. Am I still in the queue?

Email confirmations may be slower due to the number of signups we are receiving.

If you’d like to confirm whether or not your email is in the queue, simply enter your email again and you will be notified. If you’ve not confirmed your email, another confirmation email will be sent out to you. Don’t worry – your original place in the queue will be saved.

OK I've signed up. What happens now?

Once you’ve signed up, we will send you an email as soon as the adapters are available for purchase. The email you receive will have the purchase link inside, and using the email you signed up with, you’ll be able to purchase the adapter(s) you want. We expect this to happen in roughly 4-6 weeks.

People that signed up will have a 48 hour exclusive window to purchase their adapters first. After 48 hours, the product pages will be made available to the general public.

Will the adapters be on sale in the other stores aside from the global one?

The adapters will first be made available on Global and EU stores, with availability on the US store roughly 2-3 weeks afterwards.

Are you doing anything about possible scalpers and bots regarding signups?

We will be closely monitoring the signups that come in. We will not be revealing what we are looking for specifically in order to not give scalpers and bots a chance to develop countermeasures.

I’m an AIB partner. How can I connect with CableMod?

If you would like to reach out to our development team, please send an email to partners [at] cablemod [dot] com.

Want to chat with the CableMod Team about the upcoming adapters?