CableMod Keyboard Cables

Keyboard Cables Perfected.

The result of over a year of research and development, CableMod Keyboard Cables have arrived.

We built these cables to be the ultimate accessory for your keyboard setup. Here’s what goes into each one.

Legendary Dual Sleeving

CableMod Keyboard Cables are first sleeved with ModFlex before a second layer of ModMesh is added for a professional texture and added durability. Best of all, the colors are a perfect match with other CableMod cables to help unify the look of your entire setup.

Superior ProCoil

To obtain the pro look, the CableMod ProCoil achieves a tight and durable cable coil that eliminates unsightly gaps between coil rotations without the obvious sleeving imperfections of the competition. Our specially formulated wire jacket lends excellent flexibility while preserving its shape over time.

Hand-Crafted Construction

Each and every CableMod Keyboard Cable is made by hand to the highest standards. Whether you choose a pre-built cable or opt for a fully custom option, you can rest assured that our cable artisans have crafted and examined your cable for both full functionality and superior aesthetics.

Hand-Crafted Construction

Best in Class Connectors

Forget cheap plastic and ditch the heatshrink. Our quick disconnects and USB connectors, are coated in a luxurious powder coat finish for a look that is truly next level. What’s more, these connectors are applied without any visible heatshrink to keep things clean.

Wide Range of Colors

With the nearly limitless number of keyboard colors out there, why settle for “close enough?” CableMod Keyboard Cables can be configured with a plethora of sleeving and connector colors, ensuring the perfect match for your desk setup.

Quick Delivery

Fast Delivery

Tired of waiting weeks or even months for your keyboard cable to ship? We’ve got you covered. Our hand-made keyboard cables normally ship within 3-5 business days – even fully custom ones! With CableMod, long wait times are a thing of the past.

Industry Leading Configurator

Take the guesswork out of configuring your keyboard cable with the CableMod Configurator. Customize nearly every part of your cable with an intuitive visual interface, and get a realistic preview of your cable.

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Pro Coiled Cables

Pro Straight Cables

Classic Coiled Cables