CableMod Premium ABS Laser Keycaps

Shine-Through Keycaps Perfected.

After a year of working with world-class designers and our R&D team, CableMod Premium ABS Laser Keycaps have arrived.

See how these shine-through keycaps can take your RGB keyboard setup to the next level.

Lasered ABS with UV Coating

Our Premium ABS Laser Keycaps are crafted with quality ABS material, and designed with carefully placed legends and sub legends for maximum brightness. A UV coating adds an additional layer of protection.

Uniquely Designed Novelties

Designed by our own in-house keycap designers, the included novelty keycaps offer a special uniqueness to your keyboard. These novelties are expertly crafted, creating a unique and cohesive look for your keyboard.

FreeFlow Modifier Kits

Our Modifier Kits utilize our FreeFlow design concept, which features an uninterrupted image on each side paired with a specially designed space bar. Combine one with a full ABS Laser Keycap Set for a completely decked-out aesthetic.

Exceptional Compatibility

With Cherry MX Stem support, our keycaps support a large range of keyboards, including 100% / TKL / 60%. Our modifier sets offer ANSI support, while our full keycap sets offer support for both the ANSI and ISO layouts.

Familiar OEM Profile

With CableMod Premium ABS Laser Keycaps, there’s no need to sacrifice the typing feel that you’re accustomed to. The OEM profile means that transitioning to our keycaps is completely seamless.

Premium ABS Laser Keycap Sets

Premium ABS Laser Modifier Keycap Sets