CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Strip – RGB / UV

CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Strip – RGB / UV

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CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Strip - RGB / UV

Introducing WideBeam™ Hybrid LED Strips – the latest revolution in LEDs by CableMod. WideBeam Hybrid LED Strips combine WideBeam RGB LEDs together with UV LEDs on a single strip for a unique lighting effect. The UV LEDs are focused to help the UV light reach and illuminate your UV-reactive components, while the WideBeam RGB LEDs saturate the rest of your PC enclosure. With WideBeam Hybrid LED strips, you can have your UV components light up with a multitude of different background colors, giving your system a style all its own.

CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Strips also come with two different adhesives. Strong rare-earth magnets embedded underneath the waterproof coating allow these strips to adhere effortlessly to magnetic surfaces like steel PC cases. For cases that are non-magnetic, a super-strong 3M adhesive is also included, making these LED strips suitable for virtually any surface.

NOTE: This product requires a CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Kit or GIGABYTE® motherboard with compatible 5-pin RGB Fusion header to work.

Here’s what you get inside the package:

  • 1 x WideBeam Hybrid LED Strip
  • 1 x 5-pin Extension Cable (5 cm)
  • 4 x 5-pin Connectors


Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Packaging Dimensions 22 × 18.5 × 2.5 cm

LED Strips


12" (30cm), 24" (60cm)

LED Type

WideBeam Hybrid




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