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  • Can I pay my order using crypto?
    Yes! We currently accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Best of all, paying your order using crypto gives you an instant 10% off at checkout! Please make sure you are sending your payment via their native blockchains (i.e. BTC for Bitcoin and ETH for Ethereum). Sending via other networks (i.e. Lightning, Binance Smart Chain, etc.) may result in the loss of your crypto. Should you have any questions regarding crypto payments, please reach out to our support team.
  • How do I cancel my order?
    If you'd like to cancel your order, you have 24 hours of the order being placed to do so. You can do this by going to the order confirmation email you received and clicking the link provided for order cancellation. You can still attempt to cancel after the 24 hour window, however, we are unable to guarantee that it can be cancelled after this period. This is especially true for custom orders as they may already be produced. Please note that express orders are unable to be cancelled as these go immediately into processing. If you were logged in during your order, you can also go to the "My account" page on the store, navigate to the "Orders" list, and clicking "Cancel Order" to request cancellation.
  • Are CableMod cables compatible with X power supply?
    We've put together a compatibility list that shows all the power supplies that work with our cables. Check it out here!
  • I’ve got a great idea/suggestion for a CableMod product. Who do I contact?
    All of our products are inspired by the community, so if you've got a great idea for a product, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note using the contact form.
  • I’ve got a problem with (insert CableMod product here). Help!
    We want you to be thrilled with your CableMod product, but if for some reason you are not, check out our support section for assistance.
  • I can’t find CableMod products in my country. What can I do?
    We are constantly adding new countries to our Where to Buy list. If your country isn't listed, please contact us and we will see if we can work something out for you.
  • Where can I buy CableMod products?
    Hit up our Where to Buy page to find out where CableMod products are being sold.
  • So what makes CableMod cables different?
    Our cables are made from the finest grade materials, and carefully constructed to be the highest quality cables around. Everything from the choice of materials to the spacing between connectors has been considered. For more details, check out this handy comparison.
  • What is CableMod?
    We make cables - really really nice cables. We've scoured the earth to find the right materials and components to make the very best we can, and offer them to customers at reasonable prices.

WideBeam LED Strips

  • What is the maximum length of WideBeam LED strip?
    We suggest that you don't connect more than 4.5m (14.7') together.
  • What is the power draw for WideBeam LED strips?
    Length Wattage Amperage
    30cm 3.6W 300mA
    60cm 7.2W 600mA
  • Is it possible to cut my WideBeam LED Strip to make it shorter? Where should I cut it?
    WideBeam LED Strips can be cut shorter if you like. To do so, make sure that you cut in places where you have a group of three LEDs with resistors: cm_led_cut_lines Please note that if you don't cut in one of these four locations, some LEDs will stop working. For the WideBeam Magnetic Series, this will be trickier as there will be magnets in these locations. We recommend avoiding cutting the magnets themselves and instead cut beside the magnets: cm_mag_led_cut_lines Once cut, we recommend applying silicone glue on the cut ends to maintain the strip's waterproof properties.
  • How do I install my WideBeam RGB LED Kit?
    To connect the WideBeam RGB LED kit, follow these easy steps: 1. Connect a 4 pin connector to one of the LED cables on the IR receiver. Be sure the connector is fit snugly. IMG_1849 IMG_1850 2. Connect the IR LED cable to the RGB LED strip. Be sure to line up the arrow on the connector to the 12V pin on the LED strip. The 12V pin is clearly labeled with a (+). IMG_1853 IMG_1854 3. Connect the SATA power connector to the IR receiver. IMG_1856 IMG_1857 4. Connect the SATA power cable to a free SATA connector from your PSU. IMG_1855 IMG_1866 5. Remove the plastic battery guard from the remote control. IMG_1858 6. Point the remote control towards the IR sensor and press the ON button. IMG_1860 7. Done!
  • How do I connect the WideBeam RGB LED Strip to my ASUS® motherboard’s AURA RGB header?
    Connecting the WideBeam RGB LED strip to your ASUS® AURA RGB header is easy: 1. Connect the RGB cable included with your ASUS motherboard to the AURA header following the instructions in your motherboard manual. 2. Connect the ASUS Compatibility Adapter to your RGB cable. There is a small arrow on the Compatibility Adapter that marks the 12V pin. On the ASUS RGB cable, the 12V pin is the one connected to the BLACK wire. BE SURE TO CORRECTLY CONNECT THIS PIN TO THE CORRESPONDING 12V PIN ON YOUR ASUS RGB CABLE OR DAMAGE COULD RESULT. IMG_1863     3. Connect the other end of the ASUS Compatibility Adapter to your RGB LED Strip. You need to line up the arrow on the 4 pin connector to the 12V pin of the LED strip. The 12v pin is clearly labeled on the LED strip with the (+): IMG_1864   4. Done! IMG_1865    
  • I have an ASUS® motherboard with an AURA RGB header. Do I still need to purchase a full CableMod RGB Kit?
    If you have an ASUS motherboard with a compatible RGB header, then you don't need to buy a full RGB kit and instead simply purchase the single RGB strip. The single RGB strips also come with an ASUS Compatibility Adapter, so you are good to go!

Vertical PCI-e Brackets

  • Will the Vertical PCI-e Bracket work with graphics cards with triple slot graphics cards?
    Graphics cards that have three I/O slots will NOT work with our bracket. However, graphics cards that have triple-height coolers but only require two I/O slots will work. Please see our compatibility list for details: Compatibility List
  • How do I install the Vertical PCI-e Bracket?
    Please follow our quick installation guide here: Vertical PCI-e Bracket Quick Installation Guide

Keyboard Cables

  • Will the CableMod keyboard cable work with my keyboard?
    For our keyboard cable to work with your keyboard it must have a detachable cable and an opening around the USB connector of the following dimensions: Width: 10.95mm Height: 6mm
  • Keyboard cable wire gauge and USB spec
    Our keyboard cables use 24 AWG for the power wires and 28 AWG for data transfer over USB 2.0.
  • Keyboard cable QDC compatibility
    Cables with detachable connectors like the Aviator and SlimSlide may not be compatible with detachable cables from other vendors.  Attempting to use a competitor's QDC with ours may result in hardware damage.
  • How long can a keyboard cable be?
    The maximum length we recommend and offer is 15 feet to prevent keyboard functionality issues for common keyboards. If the cable is too long then the keyboard may not be detected or the LEDs won't properly illuminate. Some keyboards need more power which requires a shorter cable length to make the keyboard function properly. The following keyboards are known to require more power which will require a shorter cable (7 feet): HHKBs, Input Club’s K-Type, Massdrop’s CTRL/ALT/SHIFT, Ducky One 2 Mini