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CableMod Classic ModMesh E-Series G3 / G2 / P2 / T2 Cable Kit

CableMod Classic ModMesh E-Series G3 / G2 / P2 / T2 Cable Kit

$ 69.00

CableMod Classic ModMesh E-Series G3 / G2 / P2 / T2 Cable Kit


Get the classic CableMod look for less with the CableMod Classic ModMesh Cable Kit. Designed for EVGA G3 / G2 / P2 / T2 power supplies, this cable kit takes our vibrant ModMesh sleeved cables, and eliminates all motherboard-side merged terminals for a professional and clean aesthetic. An assortment of all black cable combs is also included, offering an outstanding value for builders looking give their systems that extra visual pop.

Our famous ModMesh sleeving brings superior vibrancy and lush color to any build. The tight weave ensures that the wires underneath stay hidden, while the durable nylon material maintains enough flexibility or easy cable management. These cables are also direct PSU cable replacements, so there’s less cabling overall to wrestle with inside your build.

Taking a page from our PRO Series playbook, our Classic Series cables are assembled without any merged terminals. This means that you get a cleaner, less cluttered look once these cables are plugged into your motherboard. We’ve also included a set of all black cable combs to perfectly compliment this new construction, allowing you to neatly train your cables for that professional look.

Here’s what you get inside the box:

1 x 24 Pin ATX (600mm)
1 x 8 Pin EPS (700mm)
1 x 4+4 Pin EPS (700mm)
2 x 8 Pin PCI-e (600mm)
1 x 6 Pin PCI-e (600mm)
1 x Quad SATA Power (850mm)
1 x Dual SATA Power (500mm)
1 x Dual Molex (500mm)

3 x 24 Pin Cable Combs (Black)
12 x 8 Pin Cable Combs (Black)
3 x 6 Pin Cable Combs (Black)
3 x 4 Pin Cable Combs (Black)

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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 6.5 cm

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