Remote Area Shipping Policy

To our valued customers,

Due to the increased cost of air freight, we are finding that orders that are shipped to remote areas are having a very high surcharge applied to them by the courier companies. This cost has steadily increased over time, and the recent increases due to the COVID-19 pandemic has really exacerbated this problem. We can no longer shoulder this heavy cost without going into loss with these orders.

Unfortunately, we can not justify shipping out orders that at least break even. As such, we will now require that orders to such remote areas reach a minimum order quantity before they can be processed. This amount, excluding shipping, can vary from $79.90 to $99.90, depending on the region.

Please note that our original shipping charge of $20 has not changed.

To see if your shipping region is affected by this, you can enter your country and postal code into the form below.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank everyone for their understanding.


The CableMod Team

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